Customer Services

ATS takes note to all your responses and feedback on its activities and the activities of its accredited conformity assessment bodies, regardless of whether it is a positive response or an objection to its work or the work of its accredited conformity assessment bodies.

We also support your efforts to inform us of any possible misuse of the accreditation symbol and status that ATS granted to accredited assessment bodies.

If you want to send us a complaint, a suggestion or a compliment, you can do this in several ways:

by phone: +381 11 3 (this is the phone number of the Technical Secretary, while details of other employees may also be found under Staff Directory)

by post:
Accreditation Body of Serbia
Vlajkovićeva 3, 5th floor
11000 Beograd 6
poštanski fah 92

by fax: +381 11 4


by email: [email protected]

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